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Southern Oregon Tenants Union is a tenant-led organization based in Jackson County.  We are dedicated to the fight to protect the rights of renters across Southern Oregon.  It is time for renters to stand united against displacement and the wave of profiteering which threatens our communities.  We demand sensible reform to protect the renters, people of color, and the workers of our communities.  


Resources for Renters

Are you trying to better understand your rights?  Do you want to organize your neighbors but don't know how? Have you faced housing discrimination?  We are part of a broad coalition of organizations dedicated to helping our community and standing with tenants across the state to understand the rights of renters and how we can to defend them together.

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What is a Tenants' Union?

From strikes in Chicago taking a front seat as a tactic in the civil rights movement to renters fighting to gain control of rising rents and fight gentrification throughout the country today, Tenants Unions have a rich role in the struggle for a more equitable America.  We see ourselves as part of a larger movement to curb the inequities of America's housing market.

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Blog Updates

Keep up to date on actions we are taking in Southern Oregon.  Learn about why we fight and how.  We keep our blog updated with analysis and calls to action detailing the latest developments, stories, and events in the Rogue Valley and across the state.   Follow us and learn how you can get involved in the fight for tenant power!

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Our Mission

We are fighting for the right to remain in the communities that we helped build.  We stand strong in the belief that human life takes priority over the profits of corporate landlords.