We Have a Right to Remain


Southern Oregon is a unique and beautiful region.  Many of us helped to build this community.  Others were drawn to its natural beauty, and the unique and resilient culture of the people who live here.  We have watched as friends, families, and coworkers have been priced out, evicted, and forced further and further from their workplaces.  Many have already left, not by choice but because of predatory actions by out-of-state, corporate landlords and property management companies.  We are fighting to stay in our community. 

We are a tenant-led organization.  We are workers who decided to come together in union to better our living condition and those of our neighbors.  We are centered on those most affected by the housing crisis, primarily low-wage workers, working families, people living with disabilities, seniors, and communities of color.

It is our mission to empower those most impacted by Oregon's housing crisis t0 direct movement towards housing justice in our communities.  We value collective action, equality, faith, respect, and community leadership.

As we continue to build power for tenants, we must demonstrate that the right of tenants to remain in their homes and stay integrated in their neighborhoods has been the foundation of our communities.  We fight for economic security for working class communities and the right of workers to remain in the communities they helped to build.