Frequently Asked Questions


We are always glad to answer any questions you may have.  For information regarding your rights as a renter, consult our Resources for Renters page.

We are looking to expand this section. Please send us any questions you may have and we will continue to add the most frequent questions to this page

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Membership Questions:

I'm not a tenant but I want to support your movement.  how can I help?

Thank you so much for your support!  Just because you are a home owner or landlord doesn't mean you can't help. We have allies of every income level and social status.  While voting membership is limited to tenants in attempting to magnify those voices most silenced in the debate, anyone can become a non-voting member.  Also consider volunteering with us and publicly showing your support.  

I'm currently houseless or in an unstable living situation, can I still be a member?

Yes!  A huge part of our work is advocating for families or individuals that are facing houselessness or have become houseless.  We absolutely want your vote in our organization.  If you are struggling to find or keep a home, no one is turned away for lack of funds.   We want to hear your story and bring you into the fight for a safe and stable home for everyone.

I'm already a member but I want to be more involved, how can I help beyond membership?

We have tons of volunteer opportunities every month, and work hard to inform anyone who signs up as a volunteer about those opportunities.  Consider also applying our steering committee, the steering committee is led by those most affected renters and works to make those tough strategic decisions that come up every month.


Strategic Questions:

I've heard a lot of people saying the housing crisis is about supply and demand, why aren't you focusing on encouraging building?

While we are always putting a lot of effort into into encouraging an increase in low-income housing supply, we know that we can't just build ourselves out of this problem.  The problem is not as simple as just supply and demand.  There are 6 houses for each homeless individual, and the vacancy rate of any given location does not provide a consistent determinate of the cost of living there.  

We believe that issues of wages, price gouging, poor tenant protections, and discrimination play a huge role in the housing crisis.  We intend to address every aspect of the crisis and move forward in the fight with everyone who has been affected.  

We also do not agree with the assertion that all building is good and do not support the continued building of expensive homes while ignoring the working families in our communities.  We need affordable and stable housing now!

If you want landlords to change their behavior, why aren't you centering your work on landlords and developers rather than tenants?

We believe that every segment of our community needs to be involved in the fight.  We also believe that there is extreme systemic inequity in the differential in power between landlords and their tenants.  We do not believe that this inequity can be solved without building tenant power.  While we will continue to support the good landlords and developers in our valley, we believe that many large corporate entities will always value profits over the lives of their tenants.  We believe that without real-world consequences for slumlord tactics and building the collective bargaining power of tenants we will not be able to create the change our neighborhoods desperately need.