We are Picketing CPM!


Renters at the Mariposa Townhomes once described their complex as "like a big family." Now, it is becoming a ghost town

It is time that we stood with our neighbors!

This Wednesday, we are sending a clear message to CPM and Ron Deluca that we will not allow slumlordism in our communities.

On March 1st, tenants will see rent increases upwards of 45%. This news has galvanized the community. Low income workers, families, and people on fixed income are being forced to leave, unable to bear the sudden burden of the increase. Some fear that they will soon be facing homelessness for the first time in their lives.

We must demonstrate to CPM and Ron Deluca that their decision to displace hundreds of tenants and throw once-stable families into poverty and potential homelessness will have consequences!

Southern Oregon isn't going to become the next San Francisco. We are a united community. We will not allow corporate landlords to destroy everything we've built. We stand with our neighbors.

Join us in standing in solidarity with the Mariposa Tenants this Wednesday!


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