Resources for Renters


For greater detail on your rights, call the Community Alliance of Tenants' Renters Rights Hotline:

Renters Rights Hotline: 

Hotline Hours:
Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 1-5 pm and Tuesdays from 6-8 pm.

Facing Discrimination?  Contact the Fair Housing Council:

Fair Housing Council:

Are you low income and seeking pro-bono Legal Consultation? Options vary by County, a few of which are listed below: 

Jackson County:
Center for Nonprofit Legal Services:
541-779-7291 or 541-779-7000 (for seniors)

Josephine and Curry Counties:
Oregon Law Center:

Klammath and Lake Counties:
Legal Aid:

Coos County:
Oregon Law Center:

Douglas County:
Legal Aid:

Mahleur County:
Ontario Law Center
(541) 889-3121


Organize Your building

When Renters Organize, Change Happens.
One of the greatest steps a tenant can make to create a safer stronger community is to organize with their neighbors.  Oregon law protects the rights of renters to organize their neighbors and demand change from their landlords and lawmakers without fear of retaliation. Contact Us to get help organizing your building.

Fight discrimination

In Oregon, landlords cannot discriminate based on race, family status, age, source of income, sexual identity, or many other protected areas, still many landlords get away with discrimination.  

No Cause Evictions and limitless rent increases make it easy for landlords to discriminate without drawing attention from the law.  If you feel you have been discriminated against, contact the Fair Housing Council.  It only takes one renter taking a stand to make a statement to a landlord or Property Management Company that we will not accept discrimination in our communities!

Join a tenants union

As a member of  a tenants union, your voice will be essential to defining our priorities moving forward.  With our voices raised together as one, we can fight to gain the rights that tenants desperately need. Currently, the Southern Oregon Tenants Union is operating largely in Jackson County, and we strongly believe in local autonomy.  If you are in Jackson County join us, membership fees are optional.  If you can't pay in money, simply having your support helps us to grow the movement outwards.  If you can't find a union in your region, consider contacting us and we can help with the process moving forward.

Know Your Rights

A huge barrier to tenants rights is the lack of education allowing for tenants to protect themselves.  The Community Alliance of Tenants has compiled a huge collection of documents informing you on your rights as a renter.  Read through them and consider contacting us for a Renters' Rights training.

Document Everything

As tenants, it can often feel as though we are powerless against our landlords.  If they decide to kick us out of our homes, to raise our rents, or simply not to make the necessary repairs to keep up our homes, it can feel as though there is nothing we can do.  However, often times a tenant can fight back against their landlords and even gain reparations for the damage done.  However, this relies on tenants documenting their interactions with their landlords.  We recommend keeping a log sheet of any interactions with your landlord, getting any agreement in writing, and keeping a copy of all letters sent either from your landlords or yourselves.

Tell your story

The movement for tenants rights relies on tenants like you telling your story.  Every time a tenant steps up to tell their story, the visibility of the movement increases and our allies are emboldened in the fight for change.  If you contact us, one of our member volunteers will meet with you and document your story.

Are you a landlord ally?

Our movement isn't confined to only tenants.  In fact, many landlords have offered support for our movement moving forward.  Fill out The Landlord Pledge and make public your support the rights of renters to a safe and stable home. The bad players in the market want to further galvanize relationships between good landlords and their tenants to divide us.  Don't let them.  You can also join SOTU as a landlord ally and we'll keep you updated with concrete steps you can take to protect your tenants and your community.