What is a Tenants' Union?

It is common for political advocacy organizations to form which believe in pressuring lawmakers to better serve the communities that are being most hard hit by economic and social issues. 

What separates unions from many other forms of social change organizations is the belief that the question of solving inequities is not simply one of policy , education, and advocacy. While these are all essential steps towards change, unions form under the belief that if there is not a fundamental change in the power structure in both our work places and at home, then all policies passed to protect working people are fragile and temporary. 

Renters must be able to form collective bargaining units and defend their rights together. So long as landlords have complete control over the life of their renters with no legal way for renters to stand up for themselves in situations of abuse, we will continue to see the displacement, discrimination, and general mistreatment from corporate landlords and slumlord who do not treat the lives and safety of their renters with the respect and human dignity all mankind deserves.